Inspiring greatness: The Center for Exceptional Leadership

The Center for Exceptional Leadership (CEL) helps an organization’s key leaders discover their strengths, discern their principles, and provide thoughtful, impactful leadership to their organizations.

Through a process of assessment, mentoring and project-based learning, the CEL cultivates the qualities and behaviors that elevate leaders and help them become contemplative, visionary champions of organizational success.

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Center for Exceptional Leadership Overview
Center for Exceptional Leadership Overview
The CEL helps leaders:
Develop personal strengths
Discern core principles
Build corporate culture
Lead with integrity
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    I was asked to participate in the Center for Exceptional Leadership program and see how the program goes and how it would be a fit with our leadership development back at Bellin Health. So the fun part about that was, I started out thinking that I'm going to be there to just kind of audit the program and get a feel for what it is like and then filter other people through it, but in the process, I went through a transformation myself.

    Anne Hale, Vice President, Learning and Innovation, Bellin Health
    Center for Exceptional Leadership Participant

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    The Center for Exceptional Leadership at St. Norbert College is in my top five leadership development programs I've experienced throughout my 42-year HR career. It’s not one of those fluff, academic, book-writer speeches, feel-good-for-a-minute-and-go-home, same old, same old programs. It is genuine change, impactful improvement and well, “exceptional leadership.”

    John McCambridge, Vice President HR, Voith

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    We came from immersion with a renewed awareness of who we are, from Hogan self-assessments and 360-degree reviews from our peers, bosses and associates. In cohort, we were taught various topics aimed at helping us understand who we are and why we are there. I saw a few changes in myself while going through the program — most of them revolve around listening and communicating with others. But the biggest change was internal confidence. 

    I gained insight about myself and a complete understanding of why I was the way I was in certain situations. This course had me thinking about various personal traits and, with knowledge acquired in the CEL, I was able to connect those traits and make more sense of my leadership style. This new knowledge was very grounding for me; it brought more confidence and opened a few other doors for self-discovery. I would have never learned this about myself if it weren’t for the CEL.

    Ryan Metzner, Director of Enterprise Applications, U.S. Venture

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    For me, having an opportunity for leaders to be physically in the area connecting with other leaders in the area that still delivers a quality development opportunity is fantastic for us.

    Angela Creel, Chief Human Resources Officer, Jeweler's Mutual

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