The Schneider School: A valued resource

From our students to our business partners to members of the community, those who engage with the Schneider School find it a rewarding experience. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

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    Everybody is there for the same thing. Everybody wants to learn. Everybody is contributing. And again, you are learning from them as much as you are from the class itself because they've experienced things that I haven't experienced probably the professor hasn't experienced and other people in the group haven't experienced either and you can share those ideas together and bring them back to your own organization.

    Jonny August MBA ’19, Director of Operations at Orion Labels
    Schneider MBA Program Alumnus

    Jonny August
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    I was asked to participate in the Center for Exceptional Leadership program and see how the program goes and how it would be a fit with our leadership development back at Bellin Health. So the fun part about that was, I started out thinking that I'm going to be there to just kind of audit the program and get a feel for what it is like and then filter other people through it, but in the process, I went through a transformation myself.

    Anne Hale, Vice President, Learning and Innovation, Bellin Health
    Center for Exceptional Leadership Participant

    Ann Hale
  • quotes I wanted to continue to learn and grow my leadership skills. There were things I couldn’t learn at work it needed to come from a different environment and a different network. That’s what St. Norbert has given me.

    Michelle Diederich MBA ’18, Process and Project Leader, Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary Inc.
    Schneider MBA Program Alumna
    Michelle Diederich headshot