A training ground for bright business minds

Undergraduates receive a business education that benefits from the full range of Schneider School resources an exceptional faculty, a network of regional and national business leaders, and rich opportunities for internships and collaborative research. Students may choose among five majors  accounting, business administration, economics, international business and language area studies (IBLAS), and, our newest, data analytics as well as minors in a variety of areas, including sports management and leadership studies.

${imgalt}Accounting Excellent preparation for careers not just in accounting, but financial planning, investment banking, nonprofit administration and more.
${imgalt}Business administration Solid grounding in business principles, with available concentrations in general management, marketing, finance, human resource management and global business.
${imgalt}Data analytics In this new major, you’ll learn how data is harnessed, understood and used to drive
organizational decision-making. Your studies will be cross-disciplinary, encompassing both the natural and social sciences.
${imgalt}Economics The place where quantitative analysis meets human behavior, an economics major is a gateway to careers as diverse as account executive, industrial buyer, attorney and even gallery owner.
${imgalt}International business and language area studies (IBLAS) Communication across borders is essential in today’s economy. IBLAS students select a language for study, spend at least a semester abroad, and prepare for careers in global business and other fields.
${imgalt}Sports management

Earn a minor in this fast-growing field by taking courses that range from Philosophy of Sports and Women in Sports to Economics of Sports and Event and Venue Management.

  • Students at commencement

    An exceptional placement record

    St. Norbert students go on to careers in some of the most respected organizations in the region, the country and the world, including:

    • 3M
    • Acuity
    • Allstate
    • Baker Tilly
    • Boeing
    • Green Bay Packers
    • Humana
    • Johnson Controls
    • Kimberly-Clark
    • Merrill Lynch
    • Procter & Gamble
    • Wisconsin Public Service

A world of opportunity

As a business major, you’ll find many ways to engage outside the classroom.

Center for Business & Economic Analysis Students partner with faculty to serve the business-intelligence needs of our region through collaboration and innovative problem-solving.
Study abroad Roughly 30 percent of all SNC students many of them business majors study abroad. You can choose from more than 70 programs in nearly 30 countries.
Internships Opportunities abound at many of the area’s top companies and nonprofits. You’ll gain invaluable experience as you build your network and your résumé.

Take the next step!

If you want to be part of something larger than yourself, while discovering who you are, you’re likely to find your fit at St. Norbert College. We carefully consider each application, looking at the whole person, and accept those students who likely will succeed in and contribute to our campus community and the world.

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