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Schneider School: Undergraduate Programs

A World-Class Education to Prepare You for the Real World

The Donald J. Schneider School of Business & Economics is known as northeast Wisconsin’s center for the advancement of sound business practices. Our faculty are dedicated to providing undergraduate students with a practical education and real-world experience. Through Discoveries International, a student-run business, and our Alumni Mentor Program, students graduate with knowledge and skills that translate into rewarding careers.

Undergraduate Areas of Study

The Schneider School is home to five of St. Norbert’s undergraduate academic disciplines:
  • Accounting: Accounting is about more than doing taxes. Students who earn a degree in accounting go on to pursue numerous career options, from financial planning to investment banking to nonprofit administration.
  • Business Administration: The general business administration major offers concentrations in general management, marketing, finance, human resource management and global business, giving students the opportunity to focus on what interests them most.
  • Economics: Students of economics quickly learn this field is about more than just money. It’s about human interaction. Our economics alumni have gone on to become account executives, industrial buyers, attorneys and even gallery owners.
  • International Business and Language Area Studies (IBLAS): Learning how to communicate well – especially across international borders – is essential to success in business. Our IBLAS program allows students to select a single language for focused study and spend at least a semester studying abroad in a country where that language is spoken. This unique experience can lead to careers as diverse as international journalist, media planner and intelligence officer.
  • Leadership Studies: Studying leadership is more than learning about leaders and leadership theories. Topics such as ethics and organizational behavior are essential to a complete understanding of leadership. Students who complete six courses in our leadership studies curriculum earn a minor in this indispensable field.

Our Faculty: Professors, Mentors and Leaders

At the Schneider School, we pride ourselves on the fact that our greatest resource is our faculty. Our professors and instructors have studied at some of the best universities in the world, and many have received national recognition in their respective fields. In addition to the in-class education they deliver, our faculty are dedicated to providing students with mentorship outside the classroom. They are deeply invested in helping students achieve both academic and professional success.

Alumni Mentor Program

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to take advantage of our Alumni Mentor Program, which pairs them with experienced business professionals from the Greater Green Bay area. Students in this program have the opportunity to learn about real-world business careers from those who know it best. For more information, contact

Applying and Enrolling

If you’re interested in applying to or enrolling in an undergraduate program at the Schneider School, contact or visit the St. Norbert College Office of Admission. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us today at 920-403-3440 or to learn more!

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