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Testimonial: Imaginasium

Insightful researcher. Strategic marketer. Behavioral scientist. Dr. Dave Wegge is a unique blend of all three, and more - in fact, in over nearly 30 years, I've never encountered anyone in his role quite so remarkable.

From an experience standpoint, Dr. Wegge and his team are responsive, urgent, creative problem solvers - bringing both science and art to uncovering customer and employee insights. He possesses the unique ability to present both positive and negative findings in a clear and concise manner, utilizing great data and insights to find the opportunity in each situation. 

The Strategic Research Institute staff understands that each situation is unique, and they bring the best and most innovative research practices to the discussion while listening intently to the specific challenges facing their clients. They push hard for the right solution, and deliver a clearer path to success.

Pat Hopkins
Green Bay, WI

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