Leadership lessons from … a physics class?

The laws of thermodynamics may seem like an unlikely source of leadership wisdom.
But reconsider: Thermodynamics is all about the transfer of energy and influence. What could better define the role of a leader?
Allison Garner has a recipe for leadership that connects the laws that govern the physical world with the “laws” that govern business — and she’ll share it in the free interactive workshop, IGNITION: The Art of Unleashing Potential (in yourself and your team).
During this lively presentation, Garner will explain how to discern and leverage your unique leadership strengths; she’ll show the consequences of modeling both good and bad behaviors as a leader; and she’ll show how viewing organizational dynamics through the lens of energy change can guide effective decision-making and impactful development of a healthy workplace culture.
Garner is the owner of Thoughtly, a leadership development and business consulting firm based in the Fox Valley. Her work includes launching startups, navigating turnarounds, overcoming dysfunction within executive teams and challenging assumptions around leadership with owners, CEOs, presidents and executive directors. For twenty years prior to establishing Thoughtly, she was a chemical engineer and officer in an engineering firm. Allison is a coach and facilitator at the Center for Exceptional Leadership. She is also the author of the leadership book “Think Possible: The Light and Dark Side of Never Running Out of Ideas,” exploring seven attributes that make visionary leaders unstoppable.
IGNITION: The Art of Unleashing Potential (in yourself and your team)
June 21, 2023
St. Norbert College, F.K Bemis International Center – Hendrickson Dining Room
5:30-6 p.m. – Registration and Networking
6- 8 p.m. – Program
This event is presented compliments of the Center for Exceptional Leadership

Allison Garner will present at St. Norbert College
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