The Culver’s Story

Sept. 30, 2021 • 7:30-8:30 a.m.

About Craig Culver

Raised in the small town of Sauk City, Wisconsin, Craig Culver never imagined he would become a leader in the food industry. Although he was raised in the business, Culver himself never planned for it to be his career.

After graduating from University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh with a degree in biology, Culver was unsure about what to do with his life. Somewhat reluctantly, on the suggestion of his sister, he applied and was hired to manage a McDonalds. There he learned valuable lessons in successfully operating a restaurant.

After a few years with McDonalds, Culver decided to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit to own his own restaurant. He approached his parents about purchasing an A&W restaurant the family had previously owned in Sauk City, WI. His father jumped at the opportunity. For the next six years, Craig and his family operated the business. In 1982, the Culver family sold the A&W restaurant one more time and purchased and operated a supper club for the next two years.

However, Culver hoped that he would someday have the opportunity to own the A&W property again. In 1984, Culver and his family purchased the A&W property and gave the building a makeover. A blue roof was added; the walls were painted white, and a sign outside read “Culver’s Frozen Custard and ButterBurgers.” After a few years of hard work and worry, the company grew by word of mouth promotion, spurred on by quality products, passionate team members and a friendly atmosphere.

There are now over 800 Culver’s franchises across 25 states and over 30,000 team members. Culver retired as CEO in 2015 but is still involved in the business as board chairman and continues to be the face and champion of the brand.

Presenter Name Craig Culver

Co-Founder, Board Chairman, Brand Ambassador of Culver Franchising System, LLC

Event sponsored by Investors Community Bank