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A Schneider MBA Stands Apart – and Sets You Apart

If the letters next to your name are all that matter, there are plenty of places to get an MBA.

But if the quality of your experience counts – if the school you attend, the caliber of instruction you receive, the rigor of your coursework and the depth of the connections you make are important to you – then you’ll have little trouble discerning the value of a degree from the Donald J. Schneider School of Business & Economics

The Schneider MBA program represents the new standard for business intelligence in northeast Wisconsin, and upholds the tradition of academic rigor manifest at St. Norbert College since its founding in 1898. If you want a degree that goes far deeper than three letters on a diploma, this is where to get it. If you want to be a game-changer, this is where you’ll learn to do it. 

The Schneider MBA: An Exceptional Opportunity
Our on-campus program gives you the means to:

Advance your career
A Schneider MBA distinguishes you as an individual committed to the art and science of business, and someone equipped to thrive in northeast Wisconsin’s unique business environment. It announces that you are ready to take your place among the region’s leaders.

Develop the expertise businesses covet
Your education in the Schneider MBA program will focus on the critical competencies today’s businesses seek – the adept management of people, processes and programs, and the ability to champion change.

Learn from distinguished faculty
The exceptional educators on the Schneider School faculty are highly respected for their deep knowledge of business and economics. They will be fully engaged in your learning, inside and outside the classroom.

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