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Cohort Program

Participants in the services offered by the Center for Exceptional Leadership may choose to continue their development with a cohort of other leaders, capped at 12 participants.

The cohort-driven program moves participants from early self-awareness and readiness to actual development of both their individual and shared leadership development goals.

The cohort program begins with an intensive, four-day Immersion Program, encouraging further self-awareness and enriched understanding based on leadership assessments. During this time, the cohort establishes both common and individual developmental objectives, builds a personal mission and vision statements, and forms professional- accountability groups.

Following the Immersion Program, participants move to a 12- to 14-month Cohort Development Program addressing a combination of individual and cohort-based leadership development needs. This development phase focuses on such behaviors as:

  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Developing Others
  • Visioning & Strategic Thinking
  • Collaborating
  • Focusing on Results
  • Communicating & Listening
  • Developing Self Accountability
  • Deciding
  • Executing
  • Motivating & Influencing
  • Serving
One-On-One Mentoring: A Valuable Program Option
As a complement to cohort-based training, the CEL can also establish a long-term mentoring relationship between a participant and an area executive, in order to provide a real-time, evolving perspective on personal leadership issues and opportunities.

For more detailed information including costs, please contact Dean Stewart, Ed.D., executive director of The Center for Exceptional Leadership, at or 920-403-3406.
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