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Scott Propp

Center for Exceptional Leadership Facilitator

For more than 30 years, Scott Propp has been helping executives and teams bridge the gap between ideation and execution to create measurable results. He has conducted business in more than 20 countries with over twelve different business models with leadership experience in functions ranging from R&D, development engineering, manufacturing engineering, production operations, corporate technology and strategic marketing.

As a Fortune 100 executive, he has held full P&L and budget responsibility to the $100m + level in multi $B firms, directed operational turnarounds, built factories internationally, hired hundreds of people, led international cross-functional programs and delivered results that led to product and market breakouts. 

According to Propp, even the best ideas and well-crafted strategies get stalled in “the murky middle” between ideas and implementation. Without a plan to bridge that gap, it’s not a question of if, but how many resources – including time, energy and money – will be wasted. With his unique combination of technological expertise, leadership experience and operational acumen to navigate turbulent conditions, he’s known for his ability to help select the project, recruit the team and lay out a strategic layered plan for execution.
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